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Welcome to BBB – Braemar Book Bites, my personal book review site. I’ll be posting reviews of books, I’ve read – the good, the bad and the ugly – and also any snippets of book or publishing information I come across, or any comments I have about books or publishing in general.

I’m a librarian by profession, so you could say books are my life. I’ve been reading on average 100 books or so a year for at least the past 30 years, so you can see I bring plenty of experience, personal and professional, to my reviews. My main purpose in writing this blog is to share the joy of reading, to promote books I think are really worth reading, which has been the cornerstone of my professional life for many years.

My reading tastes run mostly to non-fiction, but ranging quite widely, including history, science, biography, geography, sport, in fact there probably isnt any sphere that I haven’t read something about at some stage, so expect a wide variety of offerings.

There will be reviews of fiction, but as I read about 1 fiction work to every 5 non-fiction works, they’ll be a bit less common obviously. I tend to be very selective about what novels I read, and even more selective about which ones I finish, so expect reviews of books I dont happen to finish to be quite detailed as to exactly why I didnt consider them worth finishing.

I hope you get as much pleasure out of reading my reviews as I do out of writing them, and reading the books, of course.

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